How Much Does A Pest Control Worker Make Per Hour?

What are the highest paying jobs per hour?

Jobs That Pay $100 (Or More) Per Hour$100+ Per Hour Jobs.

Jobs that pay $100 an hour or more aren’t easy to come by.

Underwater Welder.


Commercial Pilot.

Tattoo Artist.



Freelance Photographer.More items…•.

What qualifications do I need to be a pest controller?

What training do I need?Foundation Certificate in Pest Management.Practical Vertebrate Trapping.Practical Insect Control.Using Rodenticides Safely.General Pest Control (GPC) – Level 2 Pest Management.Starting and Managing Your Own Pest Management Business.Sales Skills.

Is pest control a stressful job?

One of the least satisfying aspects of working in pest management is on-the-job stress. Less than half (46 percent) of employees were satisfied with the amount of stress they experienced working in the industry, found the 2019 PCT/NPMA Workplace Survey.

Is working in pest control dangerous?

What is dangerous about this job? Chemicals (pesticides) used by Pest Exterminators are usually toxic to man. They may cause acute or chronic poisoning, burns, skin, eyes, throat and other disorders, and be harmful in other ways. Some pesticides are flammable, and their careless handling and storage may cause fires.

Is pest control a trade?

However, workers can belong to the Pest Control Operators of California, a statewide trade association. The only national trade association for Pest Control Workers is the National Pest Management Association.

How much does a pest control worker make?

Hourly Rate. $12 – $20.Bonus. $200 – $10k.Profit Sharing. $976 – $4k.Commission. $248 – $14k.$25k – $51k.

Is pest control a good job?

The job of a pest control technician is very rewarding There is a constant demand for people who need pest control and solving such unique problems has a noteworthy impact on the quality of life of the residents. The majority don’t realize the actual potential of this job.

What does a pest control tech do?

Pest control technicians identify potential and actual pest problems, conduct inspections, and design control strategies. They work directly with customers and, as entry-level workers, use only a limited range of pesticides.

Do you need a license for Pest Control UK?

You don’t need a specific licence to become a pest controller, but the majority of companies won’t take you on without some form of relevant education. … A more thorough qualification, and one that most pest control companies will look out for, is the Level 2 Certificate in Pest Management – General Pest Control.

What does a pest controller do?

What does a pest controller or fumigator do? Pest controllers and fumigators inspect buildings and outside areas for pest infestation, and spray chemical treatments to kill insects, rodents and other pests. They may also set cage traps to capture and remove animals.

Do pest control technicians get cancer?

Multiple epidemiological, biological, and toxicological studies have shown that pest control workers have a higher rate of cancer, which correlates to positively to their extent of pesticide exposure.

Is Pest Control profitable?

Though individual franchise profits vary, there’s no arguing that the pest control industry is highly profitable. According to Specialty Consultants Research, the U.S. structural pest control market is predicted to reach $10-billion next year!

How long is pest control training?

about three monthsFormal training generally takes about three months to complete and covers EPA-mandated topics such as pest identification, safe handling of pesticides, environmental considerations, pests in agriculture, legal responsibilities, pesticide labeling and pesticide accident protocols.