What Happens If Your Above Ground Pool Is Unlevel?

What do you use to level a pool?

Removing any rocks from the site is critical to ensure no damage is done to your pool liner, and wide shovel will help you to dig out the bumps.

Wide rake and a lawn roller.

To smooth and level the sand on the site, you want a rake that’s as wide as possible, then a lawn roller to compress the sand down flat..

How unlevel can an above ground pool be?

Two inches off usually won’t cause any structural issues so you can (and a lot do) just live with your “off level” pool for years. If it’s off more than that though, there can be a problem. … Just to be clear, if your above ground pool is off by three inches or more, it needs to be taken down, leveled and reinstalled.

Does Intex pool have to be perfectly level?

Flat and Level Ground. Level ground is very important, if off by just 1-2 inches, a soft-sided pool can roll towards one side, which puts stress on the pool, and could lead to a blow out. This is the most important step in setting up an Intex pool! A good location is high and dry, and also flat and level.

How do I level my pool without digging?

Hit a metal rod through the hole securing the boards to the ground. Next, take some sand and pour it over the area with the majority of the sand in the low range of the pool. Add as much sand as necessary and rotate the boards until the sand is level. Once that step is done, you can begin to tamp down the sand.

Do I need to put a tarp under my pool?

It’s OK to use a tarp under the sand but not in place of it. A tarp will allow all the lumps and bumps of a dirt base to show through into the base of your pool. … With just a tarp you still have to have a cove for the pool to be safe. The cove can be dirt, sand or foam, but it has to be there.

How do I prepare my yard for an above ground pool?

Proper preparation of your level foundation will yield many summers of fun in the sun.Choose the best area of your yard to set up your pool. … Mark the perimeter of the pool area. … Remove all sod and other vegetation from the area. … Determine the lowest point of the pool area. … Create a wood level.More items…

How long can you leave a pool on grass?

one dayNever leave the pool up for longer than one day. A pool can smother a grass lawn, preventing it from receiving essential light and air. Empty the pool every night onto the grass that was covered by the pool. That patch of the lawn needs extra care.

How do you level an above ground pool?

For pools, dig down to the lowest point. Pivot the wooden plank around the pool area. Dig down and level as needed until you can pivot the plank 360 degrees with it staying level the entire time. Spread a 1-inch to 2-inch deep layer of crushed lime stone over the pool area.

How do I level my above ground pool without draining?

Take some leveling sand for above ground pool and put it into the lower area of the ground to equalize the level of the ground. Wheelbarrow and shovel will help you carry the sand and smoothing the level of the above ground pool.

Can you put plywood under above ground pool?

Plywood makes a level base for an inflatable swimming pool. One of the most important steps in assembling an inflatable swimming pool in your backyard is ensuring it sits level on the ground. … Plywood can serve as a level foundation for a swimming pool.

How much does it cost to level ground for a pool?

Including Landscape Clearing or Excavating The average cost for work is $2,700, but most homeowners will pay between $400 and $1,000. Most excavators charge between $0.20 and $0.30 per square foot and add the price to their professional estimate.

Will an above ground pool collapse if not level?

1380ken said: If you are 2 to 3 inches out of level the pool is not going to collapse. If these pools collapsed that easily they would not sell them.

Can you put a pool on grass?

Above ground pools can be installed in the space of a few hours and can be set up on sand, ground cloth, concrete or directly on your lawn.

How do I make my above ground pool deeper?

How Deep Can An Above-Ground Pool Be?Expandable liners. Many pool owners, who want the experience of deeper water, opt for a dish-type dig in the center of the pool. … Hopper liners. Additionally, a “hopper liner” can be used to create a pool depth of up to seven feet. … Deciding on a round or oval pool. … Call us!

What should I put under my above ground pool?

A bed of fine mason sand or play sand of 3-4″ across the entire bottom of the pool and 7″ on an angle (this is referred to as a “cove”) against the pool wall would be a traditional sand base for an above ground pool.

Will an unlevel pool collapse?

Major Issues with an Unlevel Pool. … The pool will twist, buckle, or even collapse, causing property damage and injury to anyone in or around the pool. Also, the inflatable ring pools are more likely to fold under the force and blow out causing major damage and a safety hazard.

What happens if pool is unlevel?

The water will press with more force on one section of the pool than the others. This uneven weight distribution can buckle, twist or even collapse the pool wall, resulting in property damage and injury to anyone in or around the pool when it fails.